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Worship FAQ

What time is worship?

Worship begins at 10:00am each Sunday.

What is worship like at St. John's?

Worship at St. John's is Spirit filled! The congregation of Saint John's is liturgical. We pray together, we read scripture together, and we listen to God speaking through the Bible together.

How often do you offer Holy Communion

At Saint John's, we offer Communion every week. All baptized Christians are welcome to the Lord's table.

What do Lutherans believe about Communion?

Lutherans believe that it is the body and blood of Jesus Christ. He is truly present in the bread and the wine, offering forgiveness of sins.

Do I need to "dress up" for worship at St. John's?

Only if you are most comfortable that way! The people of Saint John's wear everything from blue jeans to three piece suits to worship. Come as you are and expect God to meet you in worship.

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